Driver Advancement Days

• Your Opportunity to become more in control of your vehicles!

Our well organised driver advancement days are perfect for anyone wishing to improve their vehicle control skills. Whether you feel the need to learn about vehicle control for road safety, or for on track purposes, we can tailor our training to suit your requirements.

• Use the same portal as the professionals to hone your skills for track day or racing purposes!

Professional racing drivers from classes such as Formula 3, GT2, and sports prototype racing all use karting as a way of honing their skills and heightening their senses. Throughout the winter months when the racing season is over, these drivers can often be seen on open track/test days, or racing in club championships. A reminder then, that being in control of a kart really is the best way to learn about controlled driving. Our professional driver will be on hand throughout your training day to advance your driving skills and mould you into a racing driver!

• If you have ever thought about racing, why not try it out first?

Our driver advancement days can be tailored to someone who wishes to find out what karting, and motorsport in general, is all about! You will be totally catered for by our professional engineers and our driver coach, and any questions can be answered. Take control of a race prepared kart and feel the exhilaration of racing, without all of the setup costs involved in buying your own equipment!

For more information, pricing etc. Please contact Danny or Don in the office on:

Tel: 01582 665113

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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