Improvement visible for all at Kimbolton!
Wednesday, 17 September 2008 18:33
On Friday 12th September, the team travelled for the day to Whilton Mill. Both Minimax and Junior Rotax drivers Will Blackwell-Chambers, and Henry Jackson were to use the day to improve their overall racecraft. Danny was sent out in Junior spec, and spent the day working with the 2 3DR protégés, with outstanding results.

With Will not in action until this coming weekend at Shenington, Minimax driver Henry Jackson was the teams hope of success at Kimbolton. After a strong test on Friday, he went into the weekend full of confidence.

‘I have definitely benefitted from yesterdays test with Danny. I now feel more confident in race situations, and hope that I can put what I have learnt to good use this weekend,’ Team Driver, Henry Jackson.

The day started well, as the youngster quickly got to grips with the conditions, lapping fastest in both of the first two damp sessions. As the day dried out, inevitable other drivers caught up with the pace. A test programme involving chassis balance was worked through to good effect by the team, and Jackson ended up equal fastest in unofficial testing alongside 2 other drivers.

A dry, Sunny race day greeted the team on Sunday morning, along with a full grid of 25 drivers. With outside starting grids in all 3 heats, Henrys new found racecraft would be put to the test! Fastest in morning warm-up, Henry was confident going into heat 1. From grid 4, he found a line to the inside of Turn 1, and managed to get through lap 1 in 6th place. A brilliant drive over the next 7 laps would see him catch and pass the whole group of drivers in front, to finish the race on the bumper of the eventual winner. Heat 2 produced a 4th position from grid 8, and, a 9th from grid 17, despite going off in the carnage at turn 1! If not for this, Henry would have sat on pole for the grand final.

Starting grid 3 gave the youngster a great opportunity to steal his first win. A good start saw him move into 2nd, but battling with Reynolds, former club champion for the position allowed Vital Motorsport driver Ash Lacey to gain an advantage. A 3 way battle for 2nd ensued, only for Henry to miss out on the podium on the final lap, being demoted to 4th!

‘I am disappointed for Henry, but he has never looked at competitive as this weekend. 4th position closes up the championship here, and the gain in confidence of Henry in just 5 weeks is clear for all to see. I am sure that Henry has what it takes to become competitive at the top level, and this last month proves that he has the drive and determination to get there. His first victory for the team i feel is now imminent, and he will be looking to step onto the podium at Shenington in a weeks time.’ Team Manager, Tom Smith

3DR travel to Shenington for round 9 of the club championship next weekend, with championship hopeful in Senior Rotax, Dominic Russell, Minimax protégé Henry Jackson, and Junior driver William Blackwell-Chamber, for his first taste of the circuit. Watch this space!
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